Contributions are welcome all the way - big or small, including adding tutorials and how-to’s!

This page helps how to update documentation.

To add a new page to this website

ruby bin/jekyll-page "Page Title" <category>

<category> can be:

  • doc - Documentation
  • tut - Tutorial
  • ref - Reference
  • dev - Developers
  • post - Posts

For example, if you want to write a tutorial about Crawling images using Sparkler

ruby bin/jekyll-page "Crawling Images using Sparkler" tut

Then edit the markdown file under _posts/ directory.

Then follow the standard github contribution guideline. If not already, fork this project from to

git remote add own<yourId>/sparkler
git add docs/_posts/*
git commit -m 'Added documentation for ___'
git push own <branchname>

Then raise a pull request at using the github web UI.

Contact developers on slack if you have questions.